1: "Cardinals fans are buzzing over rumors of Marvin Harrison Jr. joining the team in the NFL Draft."

2: "Speculation grows as fans eagerly await the official announcement from the Cardinals organization."

3: "Will Marvin Harrison Jr. be the missing piece to the Cardinals' playoff puzzle?"

4: "Fans debate the potential impact of Harrison Jr. on the team's offense next season."

5: "Cardinals faithful can't contain their excitement as draft day approaches."

6: "Will the Cardinals make a bold move to secure Marvin Harrison Jr. in the draft?"

7: "Fans anxiously await news on whether Harrison Jr. will be a Cardinal next season."

8: "The drama unfolds as fans speculate on the potential chemistry between Harrison Jr. and Kyler Murray."

9: "Cardinals fans are hopeful that Marvin Harrison Jr. will be wearing red and white next season."