1: NCIS fans were thrilled to learn about Tony and Ziva's return. The beloved duo's reunion promises to bring drama and excitement to the show.

2: Tony and Ziva's complicated relationship has captivated viewers for years. Their return will surely shake up the dynamics at NCIS.

3: The chemistry between Tony and Ziva is undeniable. Fans are eager to see how their story unfolds in the upcoming episodes.

4: Speculations about Tony and Ziva's return have been circulating for months. The suspense has kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

5: NCIS writers have promised to deliver an unforgettable storyline for Tony and Ziva. The mystery surrounding their comeback has fans buzzing with excitement.

6: Tony and Ziva's return marks a pivotal moment in NCIS history. The anticipation for their reunion is at an all-time high.

7: The dynamic between Tony and Ziva has always been complex. Their return is sure to reignite old flames and bring new twists to the show.

8: NCIS fans can't wait to see Tony and Ziva back in action. The duo's comeback promises to be a memorable and emotional journey.

9: As Tony and Ziva's return date draws near, the excitement continues to build. NCIS viewers are in for a thrilling ride as the beloved characters make their highly-anticipated comeback.