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2: Special Guests Rock the Stage Surprise appearances from legendary musicians add to the unforgettable night.

3: Star-Studded Cast Joins Billy Witness iconic stars like Bruce Springsteen and Paul Simon share the spotlight.

4: Electric Atmosphere at MSG Feel the energy as Billy Joel and his guests light up the world-famous arena.

5: Setlist of Hits and Classics Enjoy a mix of fan favorites and timeless tunes during this memorable concert.

6: Unforgettable Moments with Billy Get a behind-the-scenes look at the magic of Joel's milestone show.

7: Crowd Goes Wild for Billy See the elation on fans' faces as they celebrate this momentous occasion.

8: Encore of Epic Proportions Experience the thrilling finale as Joel and friends take their final bow.

9: Memories to Last a Lifetime Relive the magic of Billy Joel's 100th MSG concert for years to come.