1: Kunal Nayyar talks about a potential spinoff for his character Max from Big Bang Theory.

2: The actor shares his thoughts on how a Max spinoff could explore new storylines.

3: Fans are excited about the possibility of seeing more of Max in a new series.

4: Kunal Nayyar's portrayal of Max has garnered praise from viewers and critics alike.

5: The actor's chemistry with the cast of Big Bang Theory could translate well into a spinoff.

6: Kunal Nayyar's comedic timing and charm make him a fan favorite for a potential Max spinoff.

7: Stay tuned for updates on whether a spinoff featuring Kunal Nayyar's character will come to fruition.

8: The Big Bang Theory alum hints at what a Max spinoff could look like in the future.

9: Excitement grows as fans eagerly anticipate news on a possible spinoff series starring Kunal Nayyar.