1: "Blueberry Brain Boost" - Mix blueberries, spinach, and banana for a memory-boosting smoothie.

2: "Nutty Banana Breakfast Bars" - Whip up these easy bars with oats, nuts, and bananas for a tasty memory-boosting snack.

3: "Salmon Superfood Salad" - Serve up a delicious salad with salmon, leafy greens, and avocado to fuel your kid's brain.

4: "Veggie-loaded Pasta Primavera" - Incorporate a rainbow of veggies into a pasta dish for a memory-boosting meal.

5: "Berry Blast Yogurt Parfait" - Layer yogurt, mixed berries, and granola for a colorful and nutritious memory-boosting treat.

6: "Sweet Potato Toast with Almond Butter" - Swap bread for sweet potato slices topped with almond butter for a nutrient-rich memory-boosting snack.

7: "Quinoa and Veggie Stuffed Peppers" - Fill bell peppers with quinoa, veggies, and cheese for a flavorful and memory-boosting dinner.

8: "Chia Seed Pudding with Berries" - Indulge in a creamy chia seed pudding topped with fresh berries for a memory-boosting dessert.

9: "Turmeric Golden Milk Latte" - Sip on a cozy turmeric latte with warm milk and honey to promote brain health and memory function.