1: 1. Use a rolling pin to flatten dough easily. 2. Add a splash of pasta water to sauce for extra flavor.

2: 3. Toss pasta with olive oil to prevent sticking. 4. Cook pasta al dente for perfect texture and taste.

3: 5. Upgrade store-bought sauce with fresh herbs. 6. Save time by cooking pasta in a pressure cooker.

4: 7. Spice up your pasta with red pepper flakes. 8. Mix in a dollop of ricotta for creamier pasta dishes.

5: 9. Try using vegetable noodles for a healthier alternative. 10. Garnish pasta with breadcrumbs for added texture.

6: 11. Pair pasta with a side of garlic bread. 12. Cook pasta in broth for added flavor.

7: 13. Experiment with different pasta shapes for fun meals. 14. Use a strainer to easily drain pasta without losing any.

8: 15. Add a spoonful of pesto for a burst of flavor. 16. Finish pasta with a drizzle of truffle oil for a gourmet touch.

9: 17. Opt for whole wheat pasta for added nutrients. 18. Don't forget to season pasta water for enhanced taste.