1: Upgrade your tuna salad with a dollop of Kewpie Mayo for a creamy twist.

2: Spread Kewpie Mayo on a grilled cheese sandwich for an extra kick of flavor.

3: Mix Kewpie Mayo with sriracha for a spicy aioli perfect for dipping fries.

4: Whip up a tangy coleslaw dressing by combining Kewpie Mayo with vinegar.

5: Add a touch of Kewpie Mayo to your scrambled eggs for a velvety texture.

6: Make a classic potato salad with Kewpie Mayo, mustard, and pickles.

7: Create a flavorful marinade for grilled chicken using Kewpie Mayo and herbs.

8: Drizzle Kewpie Mayo on roasted veggies for a rich and creamy finish.

9: Spice up your avocado toast with a layer of Kewpie Mayo for a twist.