1: "Avocado and smoked salmon on toast - a classic combo for a luxurious breakfast treat."

2: "Spicy avocado toast with chili flakes - add a kick to your morning routine with this fiery option."

3: "Avocado and egg on toast - a protein-packed option to keep you full and satisfied all morning."

4: "Avocado and bacon on toast - the ultimate indulgence for breakfast lovers everywhere."

5: "Avocado and tomato on toast - a fresh and healthy option to start your day off right."

6: "Avocado and feta cheese on toast - a creamy and tangy twist on a breakfast staple."

7: "Avocado and hummus on toast - a delicious and nutritious plant-based option for a satisfying meal."

8: "Avocado and pesto on toast - a flavorful and vibrant choice to brighten up your breakfast routine."

9: "Avocado and sriracha on toast - a spicy and savory option to kickstart your morning with a bang."