1: Anne Hathaway dazzles in "The Devil Wears Prada," a captivating performance that showcases her versatility and talent.

2: Hathaway delivers a powerful portrayal in "Les Misérables," showcasing her singing prowess and emotional depth.

3: Witness Hathaway's comedic genius in "The Intern," where she shines alongside Robert De Niro in this heartwarming film.

4: Experience Hathaway's transformation in "Rachel Getting Married," a moving drama that highlights her dramatic range.

5: Anne Hathaway's portrayal of Catwoman in "The Dark Knight Rises" is unforgettable, showcasing her seductive and cunning side.

6: Hathaway's performance in "Becoming Jane" captures the essence of Jane Austen, showcasing her ability to embody historical figures.

7: In "Colossal," Hathaway's complex and intriguing performance as a woman with a mysterious connection to a giant monster is a must-see.

8: Hathaway shines in "Love and Other Drugs," a romantic drama that highlights her chemistry with co-star Jake Gyllenhaal.

9: Anne Hathaway's diverse range of performances proves why she is a powerhouse in the world of cinema, captivating audiences worldwide.